Sykehouse Cottage

A beautiful C17th Holiday Cottage in the Lake District

Muncaster Castle – a family run experience …

Muncaster CastleAfter enduring many “experiences” of an expensive and very themed nature in days out with the Rigg tribe, a trip to Muncaster Castle is always a delight. There are no expensive photo opportunities to catch the unwary, nor an exit-through-big-gift-shop policy.  The castle has a charmingly individualistic audio tour written and read by the family which makes a refreshing change from an actor reading from carefully nuanced script.

They highlight family favourites: “I always point out the ships’ anchors and the date 1588 on the fireback!” barks the owner.  “Never forget the Armada lost some ships on this coast!”

Family losers:“This portrait is of the one we call the Drip.” “Here’s a family portrait and can you see how two of the sons’ heads are pasted in? They must have been the ones he wasn’t talking to.”

And apologies for not opening more rooms on account of the mess: “Sorry, you’re not allowed into my dressing room. We all need a door to throw our pyjamas behind!”.

I only paraphrase slightly.

Muncaster Castle is an truly original day out and 12 only miles from Sykehouse Cottage.  It would be a shame to miss it if you are in the area.

Silecroft Beach in the High Winds

In the high winds of October this year, team Rigg all drove down to the beach at Silecroft.  This long stretch of pebbly beach is a favourite of ours: an excellent spot for a “blow” with the children.  There are never many people here just a couple of stalwart fisherman with high rods planted in the stones and their long lines stretched into the waves.

This trip was particularly exciting as we fought against the blustery winds and stepped through the foam which was flying across the beach from the sea.

Only 8 miles away from Sykehouse Cottage, it has a car park and stone steps leading down to the shore.  No café but there’s sometimes an ice cream van parked up in the Summer.IMG_8282